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CHILD-UP for Protection Agencies

Developing a field research and studying the existing legal framework to promote an innovative approach to integration

CHILD-UP aims at having a relevant impact on advocacy, research and protection activities conducted by child protection agencies, NGOs and other related bodies all over the world. While its main focus area could be geographically identified in the European region, the project’s mission of developing a central role for the child in his/her own process of cultural “hybridization” aspires to being applied on a global scale in the upcoming future.

Field research

The project initially collects data from European schools, focusing on elements such as good practices, integration standards and children’s involvement in cultural integration activities. In this way, CHILD-UP aims at offering an evidence-based view of the most pressing, non-legal needs of the different European educational systems, by exemplifying documented and effective intervention models.

Existing legal framework

CHILD-UP provides a comparative analysis of the legal framework applicable in the field of children rights and protection at the international, European and domestic level, underlining regulatory shortcomings and deficiencies as well as proposing emerging solutions in the child-protection field.

Innovative approach to integration

The resulting comprehensive analysis will define the existing structure in which activities carried on in the field of children protection are most effective. CHILD-UP wants to prepare the ground for a new conception of cultural integration, in particular by effectively designing an approach centred on putting children at the centre of their own cultural “hybridization” process. CHILD-UP will actually benefit all the organisations committed to the cause of protecting children’s rights and improving their living conditions, particularly by discussing the challenging integration process they are experiencing through the lens of a “hybridization” process, as opposed to the prevailing logic of cultural assimilation.

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CHILD-UP researches into the level of integration of migrant children in Europe and their social condition, with the primary aim of providing support for migrant children’s exercise of agency in changing their own conditions of integration and constructing hybrid identities.

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