MOOC – Massive Open Online Course

Access to the CHILD-UP Massive Open Online Course offers hybrid learning experiences, in which users can (i) print off hard copies of each module and related materials to use them in practice or (ii) engage with online PowerPoint training and online modules.

Each module of the MOOC is based on the data collected in the different national contexts during the CHILD-UP research and across several age ranges.
Data from CHILD-UP in form of transcripts of adult-children interactions and, in some cases, video and audio recordings are used to discuss, compare and analyse working practices with children, as well as their different impacts on children’s agency.

The modules of the MOOC are articulated logically into sections in order to allow participants to stop, return to practice, undertake observations and go back to the MOOC at a later stage.

Each module includes thought-provoking questions that allow learning self-assessment and offer different angles for observing professional practice through the lenses of the promotion of children’s agency.

The MOOC can be attended both individually or as part of collective training.

Module 13 of the MOOC supports the use of materials aimed at enhancing children’s agency, in particular the ones made available through the CHILD-UP archive.

All the research outcomes, data and results of the project are downloadable free of charge for everyone. The views and opinions expressed in the documents are those of the partners and, obviously, do not necessarily reflect the views or positions of the European Commission.

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CHILD-UP researches into the level of integration of migrant children in Europe and their social condition, with the primary aim of providing support for migrant children’s exercise of agency in changing their own conditions of integration and constructing hybrid identities.

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