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CHILD-UP is a European research project that addresses the issue of migrant children in Europe through an innovative perspective, based on the concepts of children’s agency and hybrid cultural integration.

Against the mainstream discourse focusing on children needs, this project puts children’s self-determination at the centre: children selecting cultural elements of originating country and hosting country, of generational discourse, of local and global perspectives to combine them in original and unique personal synthesis.

Against the opposed logics of assimilation and preservation, CHILD-UP proposes a view of cultural “combination” – the hybrid cultural integration- acted by the child (supported in this exercise by “competent” and “willing” school staff, families and community facilitators) that shapes her/his authentic inclusion strategy at school and in the local and virtual community of reference.

CHILD-UP offers new evidence to the research community through substantial field research and impacts evidence-based analysis of current policies, thus supporting both policy makers and civil society in establishing more integrated and effective inclusion policies, benefitting not only migrant children but the whole local contexts.

The research includes a broad and intense involvement of stakeholders at the local and international level to discuss the analytical and operational approach, to support the multiplication of good practice elements across countries and to influence public policies.

The project partners in CHILD-UP also study current practices at school and in the local contexts of seven EU countries with different migrant communities presence and profiles, it aims at identifying and analysing evidence of inspiring practices.

 The CHILD-UP project is funded by the European Union and therefore all materials produced in the course of this project are free of cost.

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CHILD-UP researches into the level of integration of migrant children in Europe and their social condition, with the primary aim of providing support for migrant children’s exercise of agency in changing their own conditions of integration and constructing hybrid identities.

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