The CHILD-UP Final Conference

Posted on 30 June 2022 by CHILD-UP team

The Final Conference on “Dialogue for hybrid integration. Narratives and promotion of agency of children with migrant background” 
was held on 9th and 10th June at the La Vallée centre in Molenbeek, Brussels (Belgium).

The Final Conference presented the main research results and the ways through which an impact on grassroots practice, research and policy was envisaged and already partially achieved by the project. The conference was designed as both a research dissemination event – with several sessions gathering researchers from different projects and laboratories active in the same field – and as a gathering opportunity for the worlds of school education, protection of children, research and public policy at different institutional levels.

Research results were considered not only as a source of new knowledge in this multidisciplinary research field, or of new questions to be further studied, but also in terms of suggestions for daily practice at school and in local communities.

During the CHILD-UP Final Conference, the project team of over 25 researchers and 41 high-level panellists met other European researchers, decision-makers, school managers, teachers, mediators and representatives of the migrant communities. The conference was attended by around 80 participants, with more than 100 registration form received.

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CHILD-UP researches into the level of integration of migrant children in Europe and their social condition, with the primary aim of providing support for migrant children’s exercise of agency in changing their own conditions of integration and constructing hybrid identities.

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