Mid-February general project meeting - A renewed approach for stakeholders' engagement

Posted on 4 March 2021 by CHILD-UP team

On 15-16 February 2021, the CHILD-UP partnership was virtually convened to discuss the overall state-of-the-art of the project implementation. The agenda of the two-day meeting included sessions dedicated to all the active work packages of the project, namely Work Package 5 (Qualitative analysis), WP6 (Evaluative analysis of activities), considerations on WP1 (Ethics requirements) and WP8 (Communication, dissemination and stakeholders networking), as well as general sessions focused on its administrative aspects, on the evaluation of the “health conditions” of the project, and on the Scientific Advisory Board and the International Stakeholders Committee.

Throughout a fruitful and participatory discussion, some innovative developments were agreed upon by the partners, with particular reference to a new and more engaging stakeholders’ involvement approach. The useful communication and dissemination networks locally and internationally generated by the partnership during the first half of the project lifecycle will, in fact, constitute the basis of a new and more interactive phase for the CHILD-UP stakeholders, through the creation of new dialogic environments illustrated below.

Stakeholders consultation on COVID-19 impact on social inclusion of migrant children

By surveying practitioners, the partnership will be able to identify the key topics of interest of the different stakeholders, generating more efficient involvement and dissemination campaigns.

Local Innovation Laboratories (LILs) on migrant children inclusion

Creation of informal frameworks dedicated to thematic debates conducted among stakeholders and researchers on the most urgent challenges related to the project topic.

Transnational Special Interest Groups

thematic international working groups animated by experts of different nationalities and focused on key transnational issues related to education and cultural integration, which could be proposed by researchers, stakeholders’ representatives, and CDI members.

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CHILD-UP researches into the level of integration of migrant children in Europe and their social condition, with the primary aim of providing support for migrant children’s exercise of agency in changing their own conditions of integration and constructing hybrid identities.

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