International Institute of Humanitarian Law

International Institute of Humanitarian Law

The International Institute of Humanitarian Law (IIHL) is an independent, non-profit, humanitarian organization founded in 1970 in Sanremo, Italy. The main purpose of the Institute is to promote international humanitarian law, human rights and related subjects.

The Institute organises every year specific training programmes, thematic seminars and international gatherings which address current humanitarian issues for the benefit of military personnel, representatives of governments,  as well officials from international and non-governmental organisations and students. More recently the Sanremo Institute started to develop specific initiatives in the field of peace education. 

Thanks to its specific, well-tested experience, the Institute has earned an international reputation as a centre of excellence in the field of training, research, and dissemination of all aspects of international law, with thousands of participants every year coming from all the different regions of the world.


Gian Luca Beruto
Deputy Secretary-General

Claudio Dondi
Senior Expert in Education and Training

Edoardo Gimigliano
Project Officer

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