ehs Zentrum

The ehs Zentrum, based in Dresden (Germany), is a non-profit research and continuing education centre that cooperates closely with the University of Applied Sciences for Social Work, Education and Nursing (Evangelische Hochschule Dresden, ehs) in Dresden.
At the ehs Zentrum researchers and lecturers deal with issues in social research, continuing education and counselling that are relevant to equitable coexistence in society and to the social responsibility.

The centre consists of two institutes: a research centre (apfe) and a continuing education centre (sofi).The research institute stands for thorough analyses of individual life worlds, social relations and professional practice. In dialogue with various target groups, professionals, administration and policy makers it provides resources for concept development, programme evaluations and decision-making on professional and political level.

The research institute gained expertise in the areas social work, child and youth welfare, adult education, social counselling, nursing and health care.


Dr. Lena Foertsch

Dr. Thomas Droessler

Dr. Margund Rohr

Child UP