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Communication, Dissemination, and Impact Working Group (CDI-WG)

Within CHILD UP, all partners are responsible for developing dissemination activities.
Nevertheless, the CDI-WG is conceived to ensure effective implementation of internal and external communications, planning and managing of printed material, social media channels, mailing lists, targeted networks, and contacts with local and national media. Additionally, it is responsible for the dissemination of deliverables, interim and final results, involving all relevant stakeholders in this process.
In other terms, the CDI-WG pursues the task of connecting the project results with the current developments in EU and national policies. An important further function of this body is the establishment and management of the stakeholders’ management system. In fact, the Working Group promotes and manages the activities of the International Stakeholder Committee (ISC) and supports the management of the Local Stakeholder Committees (LSCs), created by the research partners of the project.

Formal members of the CDI-WG are Claudio Dondi (IIHL, coordinator), Fred Verboon (ESHA), Liliane Esnault (FREREF) and Sara Amadasi (UNIMORE).

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