CHILD-UP in Spain for the 2020 WERA Focal Meeting!

The CHILD-UP partnership is pleased to announce its participation in the World Education Research Association (WERA) 2020 Focal Meeting to be held in Santiago de Compostela, Spain from 1-3 July 2020.

WERA is an association of major national, regional, and specialty education research associations dedicated to sharing scholarship, developing networks, mutually supporting capacity building, and promoting the use and application of education research around the world.

The project has been reviewed by a commission of experts, based on criteria such as worldwide significance of the research questions, the soundness of the methodology, the appropriateness of the methods to the research questions, the importance of the findings, and the overall logic and clarity of the conclusions and implications of the research.
Therefore, in Santiago de Compostela, representatives of the CHILD-UP partnership will present the first findings of the research to the scientific and academic community, with particular focus on its European comparative aspects, in a operational field defined as “very relevant, cross-cultural, transnational and very important [as] a fact that European education has to face.”

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