CHILD-UP for Educators

Improve expectations, trust and active participation in education

The CHILD-UP partners are committed to help you educate migrant children to become independent thinkers and successful individuals and enables teachers and school heads to increase their knowledge of: 

  • Living conditions, perceptions and expectations of migrant children and their parents/caretakers and teachers;
  • Competences, expectations and practices of children’s integration in schools;
  • Conditions of discrimination and marginalisation of migrant children.

This site includes inspiring practice of second language learning, intercultural education and facilitation of dialogue / mediation in educational contexts. 

With this knowledge and inspiring practices, teachers and school heads will be able to enhance migrant children’s expectations positively, and foster trust and active participation in their education.

for schools

How teachers and school heads could be interested in CHILD-UP?

The following outputs will be very relevant for school heads and teachers:

  1. Report on good practices;
  2. Report on the analysis of quantitative and qualitative data of migrant children integration;
  3. National and international stakeholder networks;
  4. Training packages;
  5. Guidelines for dialogical methods 
  6. A Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)
  7. The overall final research report
  8. The final conference

The CHILD-UP project is funded by the European Union and therefore all materials produced in the course of this project are free of cost.

In case you are interested in participating in CHILD-UP in any way, kindly register here.

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